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Frequently Asked Questions:

Prefer to order via email ?
If you prefer to order by email then click on the Order Form button to access a manual order form.   
What are the reflectors made of ?

​​“SeeMe”Reflectors are made from one of the latest high powered flexible mono-construction reflective material available. This material has been developed to meet the some of the high performance standards of the European ECE 104 vehicle night time visibility regulations.

How long will the adhesive last ?

The adhesive material used with these reflector segments is so strong that once fitted, the segments become almost impossible to remove. The extremely strong adhesive is also aimed at trying to make the reflectors almost impossible to remove and robust enough to withstand damaging treatment by rough teen-age bicycle riders.

How easy is it to install the reflectors ?
Paper cut-out practice reflector segments are provided to assist in positioning the real “SeeMe” Reflectors correctly and neatly. Instructions and a spacing guide for fitting are also provided to help achieve the correct ‘BLOCK of 4’ fitting pattern.

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